What is Espace PRO ?

I’m Jean-François aka Jaife, engineer background, manager of a multidisciplinary teams for 10 years. I started la Cave à Jaife like a running blog and it’s now a website oriented around running and cycling innovation read around the world.

After more than hundred patents analyzed since 2014, I launch a service for professional called Espace PRO.
This service is a technology watch and forecasting service for running, trail running and cycling. At launch, the service will be focus on footwear.

Anticipate to innovate

Technology intelligence is a powerful tool to bring new ideas in yours teams and to anticipate the potential moves of the market and yours competitors. 

To provide the best, this service must be as close as possible to your R&D teams, fast to anticipate the quick products evolution, easily assimilated so that your teams can integrate new ideas instantly. This will save your teams time so they can focus on your innovations.

3 keywords will describe this service:

  • Synthetic: I will make the information as clear and concise as possible
  • HolisticI will bring you the technology intelligence in the fields that are important to you
  • Confidentiality: You will have your own place to exchange data and talk about every subject

How does it work ?

The offer will be divided in three: a monthly patents bulletin, patent analysis, and on-demand service.

The patent bulletin will be published the first week of the month, it will contain every patent first published in the previous month2, the abstract of the patent, 3 keywords to classify the patent and a quotation based on the interest of the patent around global shoe design.

What is Espace PRO ? 2
The patent analysis1 is a complete synthesis of a patent where you will find a detailed and clear description of the patent, pictures. It will also contain the connection with other patents, a potential forecast and more importantly : the source of the idea. This is close to the article I publish around patent and it isn’t for a legal purpose.

To order an analysis, you will just have to give the number(s) of the patent you are interested in. I will send it to you within 2 to 4 weeks

Analysis could be written in French or English

Price: Contact me
Price: Contact me

aWith this 2 products, we will be able to create a workflow every month :


Those products aren’t exclusive, every subscriber will have the same bulletin and the same analysis can be bought several times.

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Why subscribe to the newsletter?

What is Espace PRO ? 4The most time-consuming part of technology monitoring is the selection of patents and judging their relevance. This service will allow you to have an effortless selection of patents that meet your needs by using a score and keywords.
The bulletin also allows easy access to these for further details.
This makes it the ideal tool for developing interest in patents within your R&D teams.

Why do patent analyses?

What is Espace PRO ? 6Patent analysis is a powerful tool for determining your competitors’ areas of interest to avoid being technologically behind. These analyses will serve as a basis for reflection to counter your competitors or develop new ideas to go further by understanding the problematic that competitor try to solve. 
This service is not intended for legal purposes but technical, it is important to bring these analyses directly to your different research departments (design, products, materials or manufacturing…). It will allow you to establish the current and future state of the art in various fields.

You want an exclusive service?

What is Espace PRO ? 8The above 2 services are the basis of what is important in technology intelligence but it is possible to go even further.
You may wish to outsource the technology watch completely to push directly the crucial informations to yours teams, or to have a very precise service on a specific brand or a concatenated vision of several patents to determine trends. 

I propose a custom made service4 to satisfy your specific requests. This can be varied (not exhaustive):

  • Quarterly or half-yearly report with forecast on your specific field and statistics around published patents
  • Adding a regular web call 
  • Participating to workshop around specific brand patents to define their future products and counter them or develop new ideas
  • Synthesis around a technology or a brand 5, alert on specific thematic

Contact me, I will be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your needs.

Contact me

If you want to stay inform about the evolution of Espace Pro, you can sign up here :


– Today the number of patents is limited at 5 per month
2 – Chinese patents aren’t included
– Limited spots available
5– Available in February 2023